What is a performance model?

Captain Yosarian's work in progressThe performance model is a blend of toy boat and scale model, designed to perform in real water, whether bath, pool, pond or, for the serious enthusiast, at sea. These models are carved from solid wood to capture the look of traditional types in a miniature vessel that floats to its lines, has stability and holds its course, whether representing a skiff in a 6" model or a topmast schooner four feet long. Additionally, the performance model is built to boatbuilding standards, rugged enough to be loaded into a vehicle, with a simple yet robust rig for ease of handling. The models are finished with boat paint and varnish for best protection from the elements.

Just add water! Any body of water more than a few inches deep is an ocean for the young sailor of any age to learn the fundamentals of seamanship. The performance model behaves in a seaworthy fashion, floating upright, rising to the waves and moving through the water under the influence of wind. One piece models are fun at the swimming hole, larger examples providing significant bouyancy as a swimming aid. Sailing models require a broader area of action; most sail faster than even a strong swimmer. A small boat becomes necessary to handle the sailing model, creating additional challenges to the seamanship of the model sailor. Photography is the finishing touch to this lengthy process, enabling others to enjoy the beauty and thrill of this exciting sport. Let's go model sailing!

Photo by Barb McCrum