Model Videos

Barquentine Robert & Rebecca, all sails set, glides by the Mount Desert shore in a gentle westerly. Summer 2016.

The enemy below...

Coaster schooner child's model sailing on Echo Lake.

Santa Maria Columbus discovery ship sailing model reaches south in a stiff westerly in Blue Hill Bay.

Mark A. McClellan Knockabout Banks Dory Fishing Schooner sailing model reaches Mount Desert Island, Maine pursued by WW II German U-Boot submarine model. Video by Barb McCrum.

Mary Catharine 1812 U.S. Navy Topsail Schooner sailing model reaches by Greening Island, Southwest Harbor, Maine. Video by Barb McCrum.

Mark A. McClellan sails Woods Hole, Massachussetts harbor under reduced sail in 20 knot gusts.

Sea Princess lobsterboat excursion model in a stiff northerly on Echo Lake.

Norwhal antique schooner yacht sailing model in Somes Sound, Acadia. Video by Barb McCrum.