Sailing Models

Sailing models are the most sophisticated Performance Models. Designed to perform in actual conditions, these models are hand carved, decked and painted, rigged with natural fibers and handmade sails. They are beautiful models to see and exciting to watch as they heel to the breeze and climb to meet each wave, just like the real or vanished vessels they depict. Handling the sailing models is a true test of the miniature sailor's small boat seamanship as wind and wave, shore and other vessels make an interesting challenge of catching a fast sailing model. Action photography is the finishing touch, allowing the sport of model sailing to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

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Robert and Rebecca - ca. 1890 barquentine ocean sailing model handmade of cedar, pine, mahogany, spruce, lignum vitae, brass, bronze, copper, lead, hemp, cotton, linen, epoxy, CA, resorcinol, varnish, marine alkyd enamel; features 12 sails, working sheets, halliards, braces, reefable lowers, housing topmasts, working centerboard, adjustable helm, opening hatch, LOA 64", approximate displacement 30#

Santa Maria Columbus discovery ship sailing model. Hand-carved cedar hull, hand-made rigging, hand-sewn sails. Launched on Columbus Day 2011.

Mark A. McClellan knockabout Banks Dory Schooner d'apres McManus ca. 1906 under full sail in Bass Harbor.

Mary Catharine 1812 Great Lakes U.S. Navy topsail galley schooner fully rigged handmade ship sailing model. Features removable light sails, mainsail reefpoints, opening hatch, adjustable rudder, lead keel

Coaster handmade schooner sailing model. One-piece hull, hand-sewn sails, adjustable rudder, detachable ballast keel.

Pram Ketch handmade wooden sailing vessel model

Friendship Sloop: handmade cedar-wood traditional gaff-rigged sloop sailing model under sail in Penobscot Bay, Maine.

Antique hand-carved schooner yacht model, restored and re-rigged by Flaming Fish.

Hazel MacHardy hand-built barquentine sailing model.

10" Norwegian snaekka hand-carved pine wood sailing model with lug sail and mahogany rudder. This model was made in 1978; photo 2011

Elephant hermaphrodite brig sailing model. Yo made Elephant while still a child, carving a spruce firewood log with a 1" butt chisel and hand-sewing sails from Mother's bedsheets (Mother was not pleased). Photo taken in 2011.