Robert and Rebecca Construction

Robert & Rebecca under construction in the Flaming Fish shop.
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A cedar log is trimmed with a saw to a rough blank for carving.

The hull has been brought to its approximate shape using the gouge slick, chisels, planes and rasps. The centerboard trunk is drilled, then carved.

A slot for the centerboard is cast into the ballast keel, then trimmed with chisel and plane

The centerboard has been cut out of bronze plate, and fitted into the slot.

Deckbeams and bulkheads are installed into cutouts in centerboard trunk and sides.

Each deck strake goes on in 15 minutes using both resorcinol and CA.

Initial varnish is applied to the completed deck for protection.

Caprails have been installed, hatch coaming blanks lie on deck around the hatch with miniature square and double rabbet spokeshave.

The monkey rail aft is mounted on turned stanchions, with carved finials. The hatch has been constructed, and the rudder installed.

Spruce spar blanks are mounted and measured; hard pine for the bowsprit.

Robert and Rebecca in her paint ready to move to the rigging bench.