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A young sailor compares assorted performance models at the
Woods Hole Model Ship Exhibition

Performance Models are not available on a retail basis, though some present owners may be persuaded to part with existing models in exchange for your irresistible offer. Otherwise, Flaming Fish will take your order for a custom designed and built performance model as a personal modeling challenge. Please state features you desire: one piece, sailing model, size, paint, name, and include photos or drawings, if any. Note: a non toxic version is available in smaller model sizes for smaller children, containing no glue, paint or metal.

You may already own a cherished antique or model built by a venerated ancestor, which is now in dilapitated condition. Captain Yo will repair, repaint and re-rig your sailing model to seaworthy condition, or restore your display model. Models must be carefully packed for damage-free shipping to the Flaming Fish boatshop on Mount Desert Island.

Mailing Address: Flaming Fish, HC 33, box 99, Bass Harbor Maine 04653
Telephone: 888-818-8234, local 207 244 7877, or eMail A deposit is required with your order.